NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 13: Commissioner Gary Bettman of the National Hockey League leaves the podium after addressing the media at Crowne Plaza Times Square on September 13, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

NHL Lockout Is Upon Us And, Unfortunately, There's No End In Sight

The NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations failed miserably, leading to another NHL lockout. Bah humbug.

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NHL cancels games through Nov. 1

With the owners and the NHLPA unable to agree to a new collective bargaining agreement, the league was forced to cancel more games.


No progress made in NHL lockout negotiations

Representatives of the NHL and NHLPA met on Tuesday, but little progress was made. The two sides met to discuss secondary issues and did not even touch on the basic revenue-splitting issue that caused the owners to lock out the players in September. There are currently no further meetings scheduled between the two sides, and the fear of a long and protracted lockout is looking more and more likely to come to fruition.

Deputy NHL Commissioner Bill Daly was not particularly upbeat when speaking to the media after the meeting:

"Today," NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said, "was not overly encouraging."

The regular season is scheduled to start on Oct. 11th, but unless a miracle deal is worked out in the immediate future, the first games of the season will be postponed or canceled soon. The entire preseason has already been canceled, and Daly estimated that the NHL lost around $100 million by losing those games.


NHL and NHLPA set to meet on Tuesday

The NHL and NHLPA will resume meeting on Tuesday morning in New York City, according to a report from the Associated Press. The two sides met for three straight days over the weekend, but the talks were concerning smaller issues, such as what defines "hockey related revenue" and player safety. The biggest issue between the two sides, how to split revenue between the roughly $3 billion in revenue between the league and players, remains unsolved. Tuesday is the only day that meetings are scheduled this week.

The NHL locked out the players on Sep. 15th, when the previous collective bargaining agreement expired. The entire preseason has been cancelled, and it's expected that the start of the regular season will be delayed by the league sometime this week. The season is currently scheduled to start on Oct. 11th.

Two United States senators, both from New Jersey, have sent NHL commissioner Gary Bettman a letter, urging him to resolve the lockout as soon as possible to avoid Congressional intervention. Congress as jurisdiction over professional sports leagues, as they fall into the category of "interstate commerce."


Locked-out NHL stars booted from public ice

About 40 NHL players were scrimmaging at a rink at the St. Louis Park Rec Center outside Minnesota on Tuesday -- at least they were until they were booted off the ice by a figure skating coach. According to Michael Russo of the Minnesota Star Tribune, players like Matt Cullen, Zach Parise, Niklas Backstrom and Mikko Koivu were scrimmaging on a fresh sheet of ice when a woman named Coach Marla strolled out to center ice and told the players that she had reserved the ice for a private figure skating lesson.

The players believed that Marla had reserved a different sheet of ice but relented and moved back to the chewed-up rink they had been skating on earlier in the morning. The locked-out players rent ice at the Rec Center four times a week as they stay in shape for an NHL season that could theoretically kick into gear at any time.

The NHL and NHLPA haven't negotiated seriously since Sept. 12 but will meet on Friday to discuss non-core issues.


NHL Lockout Sends Wild Defenseman Jared Spurgeon To Switzerland

The NHL lockout already nearly sent Minnesota Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom to Europe, though an injury will keep him in America for the foreseeable future. That means that Wild defenseman Jared Spurgeon will be the first Minnesota player to officially sign overseas as he's reportedly headed to Switzerland.

Spurgeon is expected to play on the same line as Ryan Suter this year, leading to high expectations, so his being in shape and ready to play as soon as the lockout is over will be key. Ben Goessling of the Pioneer Press reports that should be the case, too, as he'll play for the SCL Tigers alongside friend Tyler Ennis -- a center for the Buffalo Sabres.

Jared Spurgeon became the second Minnesota player to make arrangements to play in Europe during the NHL lockout - the WIld defenseman confirmed via text message this morning he has agreed to a deal with the SCL Tigers in Switzerland.

It'll be interesting to see how many Wild players end up playing in Europe before the lockout is over.

Stay with this StoryStream for more lockout coverage involving the Wild, and be sure to visit Hockey Wilderness for more Minnesota Wild news. Also check out SB Nation's NHL hub for more news and analysis from around the league.


NHL Players Willing To Sit Out Season If No Deal By Thanksgiving, According To Report

An NHL lockout is likely going to be put in place this weekend and unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though any end is in sight. Even worse? If the CBA negotiations aren't settled by Thanksgiving, it sounds as though there won't be a 2012-13 season in the NHL.

The NHL lockout will begin in earnest on Saturday night if the owners and players are unable to reach an agreement -- and the chances of an agreement before then seem to be slim to none. What's worse, however, is that Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press is reporting that the players would likely sit out the entire season if there isn't an agreement by Thanksgiving:

While it's a foregone conclusion that the NHL's labor agreement will expire Saturday without a new deal, people in the know say the players association wants a new deal before Thanksgiving. If not, it's willing to sit out the entire season.

Also, if there isn't a new labor contract by Thanksgiving, don't be surprised if players refuse to participate in the NHL's Winter Classic popular outdoor game scheduled for Jan. 1 between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. The game is to be televised on NBC.

Hopefully this is settled sooner rather than later, but it doesn't sound like that'll be the case.

Stick with this StoryStream for more updates on the CBA negotiations. For complete NHL coverage, visit SB Nation's hockey hub.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube


NHL CBA Negotiations: Taking Your Ball and Going Home

The NHL and NHLPA are done talking. The lockout goes into place tomorrow. Find a new hobby, hockey fans. This is going to get ugly.


An NHL CBA Open Letter: Gary Bettman, Fix This Or I Won't Come Back Until Five Minutes After The Season Starts

We'll make threats, Mr. Bettman. And we should be able to follow through on those threats for maybe, total, a half-hour.


NHL Players Proposal Could Lead To Smoother CBA Negotiations

The NHL Players' Association has a proposal on the table that could push collective bargaining agreement negotiations in the right direction, with the players facing a lockout on Sept. 15.

With revenue sharing the sticking point in negotiations, the players union is willing to take less revenue over a three-year period in exchange for other concessions, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr, yes, that Donald Fehr from the baseball strike days, joined players in a meeting with owners and league representatives Tuesday. While this new proposal provides hope for a solution before the imposed deadline, everyone hopes to avoid another players strike like the one that occurred eight years ago severely damaged the NHL's credibility and impacted its ticket sales for games.

The players are willing to take more than a 10 percent reduction in revenue sharing from last season to this season and the two afterward. The Star Tribune report said that while all NHL players are invited to take part in the process, no Minnesota Wild player has joined in.

For more on the progress of the talks, continue to visit SB Nation Minnesota or stop by SB Nation's dedicated NHL hub.


NHL CBA Negotiations: Just Over A Month Until Labor Agreement Armageddon

The NHL is pushing a deadline to get a CBA in place to keep games being played. Right now, those negotiations do not appear to be going well. Where are we, and what is going on?

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