MINNEAPOLIS - NOVEMBER 21: Toby Gerhart #32 of the Minnesota Vikings has the ball jarred loose by Charles Woodson #21 and Brandon Chillar #54 of the Green Bay Packers at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on November 21 2010 in Minneapolis Minnesota. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Week Twelve NFL Power Rankings: How Low Can The Vikings Go?

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Week Twelve National Football Post NFL Power Rankings: Vikings Don't Slide

The National Football Post, a site that you should be reading on a regular basis if you aren’t already, has put together their Power Rankings for this week. Surprisingly, they’re the second group that hasn’t punished the Vikings for. . .well, getting punished this weekend on the field.

The Vikings held the number 25 spot in the NFP’s Power Rankings after Week 11, and they occupy the same spot after Week 12. Always with a penchant for stating the obvious, they sum up the Vikings’ situation thusly:

Leslie Frazier now gets the job of cleaning up an absolute mess in Minnesota.

Yep, right now the Vikings’ season is nothing short of a dumpster fire. We’ll see if Coach Frazier can put it out and help the Vikings improve their lot in these same Power Rankings next week after they take on the up-and-down Washington Redskins.


Week Twelve ESPN NFL Power Rankings: Vikings Fall One Spot

ESPN has also released their Week Twelve Power Rankings for the National Football League, and they’ve given the Vikings a bump down in the rankings, as would be expected.

The Vikings came in last week after their loss to Chicago at number 24, according to the folks from Bristol. This week, they’ve been dropped down, surprisingly, only one notch to number 25. Proving their Power Ranking writers don’t get paid by the word, they offered this feedback.

Can interim coach Leslie Frazier rally the Vikings? It worked for Dallas.

Seriously, are we doing football analysis or haiku here?

These Power Rankings
Written In Just Five Minutes
Thanks, ESPN!


Week Twelve CBS Sports Power Rankings: Vikings Actually Hold Steady

Pete Prisco from CBS Sports has weighed in with his weekly Power Rankings and, shockingly, shows a bit of a decrease in his usual level of hatred for the Minnesota Vikings. He actually doesn’t drop the ranking of the team this week, as he has them at the same spot as he did last week, number 27 overall.

Leslie Frazier takes over a team in need of help. He is a good coach who should help right the ship some. Surprisingly, he is playing Brett Favre. I would have made a change.

Wow. . .that was actually, almost. . .nice? Bordering on complimentary, even?

Well, it is Thanksgiving week, after all. . .the only solution that I can come up with for this is that Mr. Prisco got to start his holiday week a little early and had an intern or something write these up in his stead.


Week Twelve NFL Power Rankings: How Low Can The Vikings Go?

The precipitous plummet of the purple continues this week in the latest round of NFL Power Rankings published by the various sites around this great internet of ours. This is your weekly round-up, and we'll start, as always, with the mothership at SBNation.com.

Last week, the Minnesota Vikings were sitting at number 26 in the SBNation.com NFL Power Rankings. . .but, after a 31-3 tail kicking at the hands of the Green Bay Packers, there's really only one direction you can expect them to move, and that's exactly where they've gone, as they slide two notches to number 28.

That's all she wrote on the 2010 Vikings. They were embarrassed by the Green Bay Packers on Sunday leading to Brad Childress' firing. I wonder how much longer it will be until QB Brett Favre calls it quits.

And they're exactly right. . .that ought to just about do it. With new coach Leslie Frazier, we'll have to see exactly what the Vikings have in store for the next six weeks. But, since they have largely the same players that they did for the first ten games of the season, I'd be surprised if the results were drastically different.

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