DETROIT MI - DECEMBER 13: Members of the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders perform while playing the New York Giants at Ford Field on December 13 2010 in Detroit Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Look Out Below!

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Sports Illustrated Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Don Banks Breaks The Pattern

I’ve always liked Don Banks from Sports Illustrated, partially because the guy was on the Vikings’ beat for a number of years, and partially because the guy is just a damn good football writer that knows his stuff. Sure, he drops the Minnesota Vikings two notches in his Power Rankings this week, from number 19 to number 21, but check out what he has to say about the team in his commentary.

The Vikings playing outdoors again in Minnesota is probably going to look and feel even stranger than seeing them play the role of faux home team in Detroit’s Ford Field. But given that the franchise is naming its 50th anniversary team this weekend, what better way to celebrate its Super Bowl glory era than in a cold-weather game against the Bears, where everyone can see their breath?

No mention of Brett Favre or Tarvaris Jackson or Joe Webb or even Patrick Ramsey. Banks managed to actually find something positive about the Vikings and talk about it instead of just coming out and saying “the Vikings suck at quarterback, so let’s ignore everything else.”

Thank you very much, Mr. Banks.


Fox Sports Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Back To The Downward Trend

Fox Sports pulls us out of the madness of Prisco-land and back to reality with another drop for our Beloved Purple. After moving the Vikings to number 23 following their victory over the Buffalo Bills, the loss to the New York Giants has gotten them to move Minnesota down to number 25 in the rankings.

Second verse, same as the first when it comes to commentary.

Expect to see a different starting quarterback to open next season for the Vikings. I think we all know that Tarvaris Jackson is not the answer. At this point, they might as well get rookie QB/WR Joe Webb ready to get more snaps behind center before their season is over.

No, Tarvaris Jackson isn’t the answer. Here’s hoping that we see Joe Webb out there quite a bit on Monday night. And, hey. . .as long as we’re seeing what the kid has, hopefully there won’t be any of this “playing it safe” stuff with the offense. Give the guy as much as he can handle, and let it rip with a full-on baptism by fire for the last three games of the 2010 NFL season, in my opinion.


CBS Sports Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: I Have Given Up On Pete Prisco

You’ll recall last week that I had a. . .shall we say. . .minor freak out after Pete Prisco of CBS Sports decided that the way to reward the Minnesota Vikings for defeating the Buffalo Bills by 24 points was to drop them four spots in the Power Rankings, from number 23 to number 27.

So, if a 24-point victory gets the team a four-spot drop in the Power Rankings, then it only makes sense that going out against the New York Giants, losing by 18 points, and generally looking like crap on both sides of the ball merits. . .a two-spot rise? Yes, on the heels of their performance against New York, Pete Prisco has moved the Minnesota Vikings from number 27 in the Power Rankings up to number 25.

At least he sticks with the common theme.

They have to draft a quarterback in the spring. They don’t have an answer on the roster.

Much the same that CBS Sports apparently has to find someone to do their Power Rankings in 2011 that knows what in the blue hell he’s talking about.


Pro Football Talk Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: A Slightly Smaller Drop For Minnesota

The folks over at Pro Football Talk give off mixed signals about the Vikings more often than not. . .so much so that Mike Florio is often accused of being a Viking lover and a Viking hater in the same comment threads over at the site. (Warning: Unless you have a couple hundred IQ points to burn, I recommend against spending too much time reading comments made in Pro Football Talk threads.)

So, it’s not surprising that Florio and company dropped the Vikings in their Power Rankings this week. . .they’d have to be crazy not to. However, they only dropped Minnesota one spot, from number 20 to number 21. Like everybody else, they’ve stated the obvious:

And now we know why the Vikings insist on playing Brett Favre no matter how injured he may be.

Pretty much, yes. Tarvaris Jackson had the opportunity to seize the moment and show he belonged in the Vikings’ plans beyond 2010. Instead, he yakked all over himself like Stan Marsh attempting to chat up Wendy Testaburger. This Monday, either Joe Webb or Patrick Ramsey will get a turn.


ESPN Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Another Drop For the Vikings

We resume our look around the Power Rankings with a stop by the Worldwide Leader, and the Vikings appear to have officially fallen out of favor in the eyes of ESPN, too. Not that they were ever really there, mind you, but it’s worse than it usually is now.

Yes, after coming in at number 23 last week, the Vikings are now down three spots to number 26. And, like everybody else, ESPN is asking questions about. . .you know. . .that one guy.

The Brett Favre streak is over, but will he play another game?

Well, not if the recent news stories we’ve seen are any indicator. It certainly doesn’t appear as though he’ll play this Monday against Chicago, what with the signing of Patrick Ramsey off of the street to, potentially, play a significant role against the Chicago Bears.


National Football Post Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: A Three-Spot Drop For Minnesota

As the results continue to roll in, the Vikings are indeed dropping in this week’s Power Rankings on websites throughout the league. The first non-SB Nation entry for this week comes from the National Football Post, one of the spots that I noted last week as having had the Vikings ranked much higher than many sites when they put the Vikings at number 18. However, even they couldn’t ignore the stink of the performance that the Vikings put on last night, so they dropped Minnesota three spots in this week’s poll to number 21.

And, like the good folks at SB Nation, they focused on the same position that everyone else has for most of the year in Minnesota.

Tarvaris Jackson looked and played like a backup with Brett Favre on the sidelines in sweats.

He certainly did. I think that some of us had hoped in the back of our minds and in our heart of hearts that Tarvaris Jackson could be the answer at quarterback, but it doesn’t appear as though that’s the case. I guess that’s a good thing, seeing as he’s not under contract to come back next season, either.

Joe Webb or bust, baby!

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