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Terry Ryan and the Creation of Pitching Staffs

Community member kedelbro looks at Minnesota's recent draft history when it comes to developing Major League pitchers. It's not difficult to guess what it looks like, but just how bad is it?

Carl Pavano of Minnesota Twins target of extortion alleging gay relationship


Minnesota Twins pitcher Carl Pavano was the target of an extortion attempt by a former high school classmate. According to the Meriden (Conn.) Record-Journal, Christian Bedard, 36, contacted...

1975 'Gay sports' article featured homophobia from the Twins, three gay NFL quarterbacks


While many people know about the four-part Washington Post series in 1975 in which David Kopay came out of the closet, few have read the text or know about the other three parts. So I was excited...

Minnesota Twins to make 'It Gets Better' video; Mets unlikely?


The Minnesota Twins are the latest to announce they will make an 'It Gets Better' video. This comes soon after a lesbian couple accused a Twins security guard of homophobia. The Twins are the fifth...

Lesbian couple claims anti-gay discrimination by Minnesota Twins security guard


Two lesbians claim they were the victims of discrimination when a security guard for the Minesota Twins told them they couldn't kiss one another at a Twins game. Taylor Campione and Kelsi Culpepper...

Minnesota Twins host 'Out in the Stands' Friday


On the heels of a successful Pride Night at a Houston Astros game, the Minnesota Twins host "Out in the Stands" this Friday in a divisional game against the Chicago White Sox. We've gotten a report...

Fort Myers Miracle lose opener Baker lasts 11 pitches


The Fort Myers Miracle fall in season opener as Scott Baker rehab start goes only 11 pitches.

My Twins Photos


First time coming across Twinkie Town surprisingly, but a huge passion of mine is photographing Twins games. I've attended 135 out of the 166 total Twins games played at Target Field and I've photographed probably nearly 100 of them in one way or another. You can either click the link above to go to my Flickr sets or use this link below to go to my website: http://benckphotos.com/ Photos are not for sale. They are simply for viewing. I hope to photograph many more games again this season. Thanks for looking.

Season Preview: Minnesota Twins


I thought a lot about the 2011 Minnesota Twins this week, and I just can’t consider them a failure. Maybe I’m a "stadium half-full" kind of guy. One thing I did learn about the Twins last year is that when they aren’t in playoff contention they can disappear off the face of the earth. I think Casey Anthony was more popular in Minnesota last summer. They posted the worst record in the American League (63-99), and second worst in the majors. Thirty-two games out of first, just one year after winning the central division by six games. So why wasn’t this a failure? Injuries to the middle of their lineup led to Justin Morneau (69 games), and Joe Mauer (82 games) each playing about half a season. In fact, only three players appeared in more than 100 games, Danny Valencia, Michael Cuddyer, and Ben Revere.

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