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A Hockey Writer's Take On 'Real' Sports Stories

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What happens when a hockey writer decides to write about the other major sports in the market? You get opinion that doesn't always mesh with what the die-hards are thinking. Your local hockey editor looks at each of the major sports stories floating around Minnesota.

Hockey. That's what this particular assistant editor at SBN Minnesota knows. If it comes down to watching a playoff series with the Twins facing the Yankees or the Red Wings facing the Hawks in the first meeting of six for the regular season, you can bet I'm watching the defending champs to judge how their brand new, washed-up, has-been goalie is fairing against the Winged Wheel. Vikings and Gopher football? Maybe. Just so long as Game Center Live is on the fritz and Versus is showing rodeo highlights.

However, being in the market, one cannot help but get caught up in the buzz of all of the major stories circulating. Writing for a site like this, it also helps to stay abreast of the sports market, and pay attention to where the Wild fit in at any given time. While the opinion formed by the lunatic hockey fan, who cheers for the fringe sport that no one watches may not carry much weight, sometimes you have to deal with the ravings of the crazy cousin.

This is one of those times.



Twins Get Swept by the Yankees

Embarrassing. There is no other word to describe just what happened here. The Twins were the better team through 162 games, so why could they not pull it together against the Evil Empire? The complete and total lack of clutch hitting is something only the players can control, and they blew it. Reading the stats on their collective batting average with runners in scoring position, it is obvious what happened. A lineup featuring Joe Mauer and Jim Thome should not be intimidated by another major league ball club. And if they are, they should be ashamed of themselves and return their paychecks. Thome is quoted as saying, "We'll come back and get 'em next year." As much as we want to believe that, it is doubtful.

Tim Brewster Issues Expletives, Unhappy About Opposition's Decisions

Gopher football lends itself to so many criticisms it's almost unfair. Tim Brewster is matched in his delusions only by former coach Jim Wacker, who honestly thought the Gophers could beat Michigan. Wisconsin went for a two-point conversion while they had the game comfortably in hand, and that set Brewster off on a tirade of f-bombs and a quote later of "It's a disappointing decision by a football coach. One we have to live with."

1. Grow up coach. This isn't middle school. Throw a temper tantrum about the other team running up the score? Very professional.

2. You are upset about it? Do something about it. There is no need in sport to complain about what the other team did. Instead, go out there and make them regret it. On the field of play, where it counts. You want to know what Wisconsin is doing tonight? Hanging the Axe back in the trophy room and preparing for Ohio State. They don't care that you are upset. Not even a little.

3. My understanding of the way Bowl games are decided includes margin of victory. The more points a team scores, the better chance they have of making a bowl game. I could be wrong on that, but even if it isn't the case, it still makes sense. Football is a game of intimidation. If other teams think Wisconsin is going to go for two with a comfortable lead, it makes them question what they will do when the game is close.

Basically, Tim Brewster is out of his league, believes with all his heart and soul that he and his team are better than they are, and needs to seek help and be realistic with himself. To thine own self be true, coach.


Vikings Trade for Randy Moss

Just when you thought things couldn't get more bizarre, in marches Randy Moss to stoke the fire a bit more. Quoted as saying he "Isn't here to be vocal, I'm here to play," begs the joke that he then added, "when I want to." So many jokes, so little space.

In addition to jokes, his arrival begs a question. If Favre can't throw the ball deep enough to get it to Berrian, how is his arm going to keep up with a real deep threat like Moss? I know Favre is a damn good QB, and I know he can still put some mustard on a pass, but he has yet to show he can throw a ball 50 to 60 yards to get it to the big receiver. Couple this with tendinitis in his throwing arm, and we are left to only hope and pray he can figure out a way.

That "Other Story" Floating Around the Vikings

Look, I'm going to respect the boss here and not go into too much detail. However, what I will address is why this isn't a story, and why it isn't being reported on by the StarTribune, Pioneer Press, and local (or major) media outlets. First off, this isn't a conspiracy. The media could care less what the NFL or the Vikings think about them. If there is a story to report, they are going to report it. If they were afraid to report happenings with the team, would we have found out about the "Love Boat" disaster?

I, for one, am proud of the media on this. Until the story can be corroborated, there is no story. Deadspin is not widely known as a bastion of  journalistic principles. The supposed person who received the supposed pictures will not go on the record, and the supposed subject of the photos will not go on record. There is no story until there is a story.

Keep in mind, also, that just because the media isn't publishing stories doesn't mean they aren't investigating them. If there is something to tell us, they'll tell us. The NFL nor the Vikings are going to punish a media outlet for telling the truth.

There you have it, folks. You had to expect the crazy hockey writer to chime in on "real" sports at some point, right? We now return to our regularly scheduled hockey game. Canucks vs Kings. Whoops. It's over. LA over Vancouver, 2-1 in the shootout.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.