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Minnesota Sports By The Numbers Returning Soon

If you’ll remember, a while back we started a series of stories called "Minnesota Sports By The Numbers," where we started counting down the greatest Minnesota athletes that wore each number from 1 to 99. Well, before we got derailed by numerous other things, we got through the first ten. The stories are right here and here if you’d like to review them, but here’s who we came up with:


1 – Gump Worsley, Goalie, Minnesota North Stars
2 – Zolio Versailes, Shortstop, Minnesota Twins
3 – Harmon Killebrew, Outfielder, Minnesota Twins
4 – Bob Allison, Outfielder, Minnesota Twins
5 – Michael Cuddyer, Outfielder, Minnesota Twins
6 – Tony Oliva, Outfielder, Minnesota Twins
7 – Joe Mauer, Catcher, Minnesota Twins*
8 – Bill Goldsworthy, Right Wing, Minnesota North Stars
9 – Mikko Koivu, Center, Minnesota Wild
10 – Fran Tarkenton, Quarterback, Minnesota Vikings


* - Mauer got this spot in a run-off vote with Neal Broten of the Minnesota North Stars, and won the popular vote.


Keep your eyes peeled for numbers 11 through 15, coming sometime this week.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.