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Pondering A Location For A Big 10 Conference Championship Game

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With all the heavy expansion talk, (and if you hadn't heard about Texas and Texas A&M petitioning the Conference of Delany, you need to, because they'll be involved in this discussion) I think it's appropriate to talk about where the conference championship game would be played. Let's face it, if the Big 10 expands and DOESN'T develop a CCG, it would be like filming a porn movie with no nudity. Analogies aside, let's look at some of the great venues in Big 10 country that can/should/probably will host an Inaugural Conference Championship Game.

When thinking about a historic event like an Inaugural Championship game for the Big 10, one must consider history and tradition. It's part of our DNA. You also have to consider things like infrastructure, hotel rooms and rental car availability for the crush of fans and media, etc. You have to pull off the logistics as much as play the game, and they can't be discounted.

Lambeau Field, Green Bay:  I am a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan, so it galls me a little bit to put Lambeau in the mix. But, consider the historical implications, and it makes sense. Lambeau Field is considered Holy Ground for Football, and a historical moment like this would make it close to magical if you ask me. But, with the awarding of a Super Bowl to New York, Green Bay started squawking about hosting a SB too. They were almost immediately discounted, because Green Bay is a relatively small town, with a lot of infrastructure issues, and a question of whether or not they have enough hotel rooms/rental cars available. If a lot of folks have to stay in Milwaukee, over an hour away by the Wisconsin winter, it could pose issues. But man, I have to admit, it would be awesome. I would love to see the Inaugural Big Ten Championship Game there, and then go to more practical places, like

Lucas Oil Field, Indianapolis:  One of the most modern, climate controlled facilities in the NFL, with a big city that can host big events, Lucas Oil Stadium makes perfect sense. Indianapolis is (currently) well situated geographically to accommodate fans from Austin to Lincoln, so Indy has to be considered an early favorite. Another favorite would be...

Soldier Field, Chicago:  Stadium aesthetics aside, The Second City is home to Conference Headquarters, logistics is no issue, and if you're flying, it's ridiculously easy to get to Chicago. Once in O'Hare is a different story, but getting to the airport is a snap. I know the climate controlled roof is a big deal in modern sports, but the Big 10 is all about outdoor weather and dealing with the elements, and if modern Soldier Field has nothing else, it has elements. If you spend a whole game there, you'll see the entire Periodic Table, there's so many damn elements. But if not Soldier Field, why not...

Edward Jones Dome, St Louis:  With the westward and possible southern expansion of the Conference of Northern Aggression, St Louis becomes, in some ways, more of the geographic center of the conference. Like Chicago and Indy, logistics is no problem, the airport is a breeze compared to O'Hare, and hey, you can stay at my place!!  OK, not all of you. Especially you in the third row. Wipe the paint off your chest, put on some clothes, and quit yelling 'Woo!!' in your neighbors ear. Anyways, it's a domed stadium, a little older, but still fits the bill.

JerryWorld, Dallas:  If the Big 10 expands to Dallas, we'll have to. We don't want to, but we'll have to, so just deal with it. Great stadium, blah blah blah, big as Texas, blah blah blah, Jerry Jones, blah blah blah. Seriously, it would be an awesome place to host a game, but not the inagural one.

Metrodome, Minneapolis:  Just kidding.

Any Current Big 10 Stadium except Ryan Field and TCF Bank Stadium:  Ryan Field is too small, and as cool a stadium as TCF Bank stadium is, it's also too small. But Ohio Stadium, the Big House, Happy Valley, Camp Randall, Kinnick etc., aren't, and they would all be good candidates. I would think the first two choices would be Ohio Stadium or Michigan Stadium, but you run the risk with any campus venue of one team having home field advantage. A lot of people would probably clamor for a neutral site field, but with the stadium capacities in the Big 10, on-campus facilities can't be discounted.

Anyways, those are just some ideas, and I'm sure there are more. Let's hear them!

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.