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Timberwolves Trying To Trade Al Jefferson

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The trade rumors that surfaced Tuesday between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Memphis Grizzlies focused on mid-to-late first round picks, though nothing has come of those talks. Yet.

The hold up, as per ESPN's Chad Ford, is that the Wolves are now trying to swap franchise big man Al Jefferson for the Grizzlies Zach Randolph - a player that enjoyed a resurgence in Memphis this past season.

However, the latest thing I'm hearing out of Minnesota may have the most legs. Sources have told me that the Wolves and Grizzlies have been discussing a swap that would send Jefferson to the Grizzlies for Zach Randolph. The deal would allow the Wolves to save a lot of money over time. Randolph has one year, $17.6 million left on his contract. Jefferson has three years, $42 million left.

The money-saving thing aside, I'm not sure what this would mean for the Wolves as Randolph is shorter than Jefferson and wouldn't be any better suited to play alongside Kevin Love than Jefferson.

Unless, of course, moving up for a center in the lottery is part of the plan.

While sources stressed that the two sides were still just discussing the deal, one source sounded optimistic that it could actually happen. There's also a possibility that picks could be involved. The Wolves have been trying to swap the 16th pick for the Grizzlies 12th pick.

Even if the proposed Grizzlies trade doesn't happen, the Wolves seem determined to deal Big Al.

However, the most consistent thing I'm hearing is that the team appears to be determined to move Al Jefferson. According to sources they've offered him to Detroit for Tayshaun Prince this week and have also contacted the Pacers about their interest in Jefferson for Troy Murphy's expiring contract.

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