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The Favre Saga: Haters Gotta Hate

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The annual “Favre Watch” has started, and even though 99.9% of the football viewing public knows he’s coming back, common knowledge doesn’t generate TV viewers or page hits, so it’s time for some football writers to make things up in an effort to create drama.


Case in point, Adam Schein of the NFL Network. Schein is now declaring that Brett Favre is “alienating” everybody with his annual decision-making process, and cites. . .well, not a heck of a lot, really. Most of it is nothing more than, as noted American philosopher Mr. T. might say, “jibba jabba.”


Last year, we got treated to Adam Schefter’s report that the Favre situation was creating a “schism” in the Vikings’ locker room. As we saw from Week 1 of the season onwards, that was a load of garbage, and I suspect that’s what Schein’s report will turn out to be as well. These folks just don’t realize that the only people who matter in this situation. . .that being the men who play for and coach the Minnesota Vikings. . .simply don’t see this as drama. Not at all.


You would have thought that the media could have figured this out for themselves after last season. . .but you’d be wrong.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.