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Wolves' Latest Trade Raises Questions About David Kahn's Ability To Get Fair Value

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The Minnesota Timberwolves dealt Ramon Sessions, the 24-year-old point guard whom they signed to a fair free-agent contract just last summer, and Ryan Hollins to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Delonte West and Sebastian Telfair. The Wolves are expected to waive West and may look to dump Telfair as well. Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports isn’t impressed with GM David Kahn’s latest move:

I mean, I wish there were a better way to express how I’m, quite literally, shaking my head right now. You either lose the offense for stretches to pump up [Sessions’] worth, or you trade him straightaway. You don’t waste his and your fans’ time for an entire year denying minutes to the best guard on your roster, only to trade him (after his trade value has dropped considerably), for absolutely nothing.

And Delonte West, with Sebastian Telfair, is “absolutely nothing,” considering this context.

Indeed, Dwyer believes the Wolves could have gotten more for Sessions if they played him more last year. And he’s not the only writer who believes Kahn sold low with this trade. Mplax of Canis Hoopus, SB Nation’s Timberwolves blog, used this most recent deal to evaluate Kahn’s track record of “maximizing” the Wolves’ “assets.” The takeaway, after a thorough rundown?

He only “found” two good trades (IMO, and one of those was a minor trade and was a stretch to call “good”) and a few good staff signings (which really haven’t even panned out yet), other than that all he did was do the obvious deal.

If there’s a method to Kahn’s madness, the NBA blogosphere certainly doesn’t see it.

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