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Favre officially hanging them up?

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So says the Star Tribune, which is reporting that Brett Favre began telling Vikings officials that he won't play in 2010.

Brett Favre's wavering nature makes it impossible to call anything official -- even when it seems to be that way -- but NFL sources said the quarterback began informing Vikings personnel late Monday night that he has decided to retire for a third time.

Why we'd believe anything we hear on August 3rd, even if it comes directly from Favre, is up for debate. Still, the Vikings have made it more than clear that there was no pressure on Favre to attend training camp or do anything at all in the offseason, so this can't be a ploy to avoid camp. If the reports are accurate, this could mean that it's the end of the Favre era.

Or it could be just the latest waffle in the saga.

Jay Glazer, who's always quite plugged in, says the same thing:

Favre has told teammates he will NOT play this season, citing wear and tear on his body. Team is hoping he will change his mind

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