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Timberwolves Training Camp: Kevin Love Getting Knee MRI

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Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love returned to the Twin Cities before Tuesday morning's training camp practice to have an MRI done on his right knee.

Luckily, Michael Beasley's not worried (though seems to be kind of confused):

"I told him to sit down. It's not big. He said he wasn't feeling comfortable. I told him, `We don't need you for 82 games.' So I encouraged him to sit down. It might not be big. It might be just a bruise," Beasley said. "We don't want to take that risk. He played a whole lot of ball this summer. I think he deserves to take an hour or two off. We need him for all 82 (games). We don't want anybody getting hurt in training camp. We need the whole team."

Alright, so Michael Beasley doesn't need Love for 82 games, but he does need for all 82 games. Gotcha.

Lucky for us fans, the Minneapolis Star Tribune's venerable Jerry Zgoda also interviewed another teammate regarding Love's knee.  Hopefully Darko Milicic can clear things up.

"I talk to him, he says he will be fine," Milcic said. "He's going to be back. I'm not worried about Kevin Love. It's training camp. It's important time for us so you don't want somebody playing through the pain too much. It's better for him right to take it slow if he has some pain in the knee."

Training camp is an important time for the Timberwolves so it's better to take it slow.

Hopefully, for the next Kevin Love update, there's a trainer or coach available to talk to regarding this injury.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.