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BCS Rankings Week 13: All SEC All The Time

If the current BCS rankings hold the BCS championship game in early January will be an all-SEC affair for the first time ever. LSU remained in its No. 1 spot with Alabama No. 2 in this week's rankings. Fellow SEC Arkansas was also highly rated, as they are No. 3 this week. The Razorbacks will take on LSU Friday afternoon:



2 Alabama


3 Arkansas


4 Oklahoma State


5 Virginia Tech


6 Stanford


7 Boise State


8 Houston


9 Oklahoma 


10 Oregon


11 Kansas State


12 South Carolina


13 Geogia


14 Michigan State


15 Michigan


16 Wisconsin


17 Clemson


18 Baylor


19 Penn State


20 TCU


21 Nebraska


22 Notre Dame


23 Georgia Tech


24 Auburn


25 Texas


Michigan State is the highest rated Big Ten team at No. 14. The Legends Division Champions have already clinched a berth in the Big Ten championship game. The Michigan Wolverines at No. 15 are in an interesting spot. If they defeat Ohio State and move up at least one spot the Wolverines can be selected for an at large BCS bid and bring a big pay day to the Big Ten.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.