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Broncos At Vikings Score Update: Ryan Longwell Adds A Field Goal For Minnesota

Things have been a bit rough today for Denver Broncos' running back Willis McGahee, which is a good thing for the Minnesota Vikings.

On the Broncos' first offensive play of the day, McGahee was trapped in the end zone for a Jared Allen safety. On Denver's most recent drive, McGahee ran for what appeared to be about an 8-yard gain, but the ball got loose at the end of the play. McGahee was initially ruled down, but Leslie Frazier busted out the challenge flag and had the play reviewed. After going under the hood, the referees came out and determined that Cedric Griffin did, indeed, knock the ball loose from McGahee before he was down, and the JaMarca Sanford recovery gave Minnesota the ball at the Denver 34-yard line.

Minnesota couldn't do much with it from there, unfortunately, but they did manage to tack on a Ryan Longwell field goal to cut the deficit to 7-5.

The Broncos will be punting it away as we start the second quarter of play. Denver has not yet gotten a first down, but they have a 7-5 lead over the Minnesota Vikings after the first quarter of play.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.