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Minnesota Vikings 2011 NFL Draft: Mock Draft Roundup

We're going to try something new here with SB Nation Minnesota. Since the folks at the mothership put out their new mock drafts on Mondays, that seems like as good a day as any to take a spin around to some of the various other mock drafts available on the internet to sort of compare and contrast what they have to say about the Vikings and who they'll be looking at on April 28.

So, we'll start out with the latest iteration of the SB Nation 2011 NFL Mock Draft, one that seems to change drastically pretty much every week. This week, they have the Vikings addressing their defensive line situation by taking North Carolina defensive end Robert Quinn.

In an already difficult-to-figure Top 10, Quinn - who did not astonish in Indianapolis, but tested well anyway - is a wild card that could really shake up the dynamic of Round 1. He makes a great deal of sense for the Vikings should he actually slip this far.

He does, particularly in the scenario that is played out in the draft as a whole. . .the top two quarterbacks (Blaine Gabbert and Cameron Newton) are off of the board already, as are the top two cornerbacks (Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara). The one argument that you could make at that spot would be for Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones, who goes two picks later to the St. Louis Rams. Jones had a ridiculous Combine, even more so when you consider that he did it on a foot that's going to need surgery. There may be an offensive tackle or two worth considering as well, but I still find it a bit hard to believe that the Vikings are going to be in the market for a defensive tackle this early.

We'll have some more mock drafts for your viewing pleasure as the day goes on today.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.