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Wrestlemania XXVII Preview: Can Alberto Del Rio Fulfill His "Destiny?"

Mexican aristocrat Alberto Del Rio is a big believer in destiny, and it appears that it's for good reason. Long before January's Royal Rumble, he was telling the world that it was his destiny to win the 40-man battle royale and go on to the main event of Wrestlemania to have a chance at a title. . .and that's exactly what happened. Now, he's declaring that it is his destiny to be victorious at Wrestlemania and bring home the World Heavyweight Championship. With the hot streak he's been on recently, it's kind of hard to doubt him.

In order to do that, however, he needs to get through the man they call the Rated "R" Superstar, the seven-time World Heavyweight Champion (to go along with four WWE Championships), Edge. Thanks to the numerous manipulations of then-Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero, Edge has been fired and stripped of his title, re-hired (after which he regained his title), and has also been unable to put his hands in Del Rio in any manner on Smackdown for the past couple of weeks.

It has also been announced that Edge's best friend, Christian, will be in his corner tomorrow night, and the 370-pound monster known as Brodus Clay will be in the corner of Del Rio.

Del Rio has been on a roll lately, and even with the numerous twist to his storylines recently, Edge has gotten a bit stale as the champion, in my estimation. So, it's time for a change, and there's only one way to go about that.

Prediction: Smackdown will have a new World Heavyweight Champion. . .and his name? His name is Alberto Del Rio! But you already knew that.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.