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Wrestlemania XXVII: The Undertaker Defeats Triple H To Get To 19-0

This one's happening significantly earlier in the card than I thought, too. Why in the heck is this going on before that abomination that Snooki is involved with takes place?

Triple H comes out to the strains of Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls, complete with a bunch of guys carrying shields before the familiar sounds of The Game strike up for the rest of his entrance. Sadly, Triple H only has the second-most awesome entrance music for this one, Metallica or not, because the Undertaker comes out to Johnny Cash's Ain't No Grave, which trumps basically everything.

Still not happy that this one is happening this early in the show. Ah, well, guess I have to get past that.

We get a big ol' brawl to start things out with, resulting in Triple H getting tossed into the steel steps. He then proceeds to pretty much spear The Undertaker through the Cole Mine, which gives us our first zombie sit-up of doom of the evening. Undertaker tries to go for the "Old School" rope walk, but Triple H beals him into the center of the ring. Triple H appears to be favoring his right arm, but I don't know at this point if he's selling or if he's actually hurt. . .I'm betting on the former.

After throwing Taker around outside of the ring, Triple H sets to disassembling the Raw announce table (Undertaker had taken apart the Spanish table on the first sojourn outside of the ring.) Triple H attempts to Pedigree The Undertaker through the table, Undertaker counters into an attempted choke slam, Triple H hits a knee to the gut and goes for the Pedigree again, and Undertaker back drops him from the announce table to the floor.

Triple H is recovering outside the ring, and as he starts to get up, we get LUCHA-TAKER, as The Undertaker hurls himself over the top rope onto a waiting Triple H on the floor, which gets a nice "Holy (censored)" chant going from the crowd. Taker is first to his feet, and he moves the ring steps over next to the partially assembled Spanish announce table. The Undertaker sets Triple H up for a Tombstone on the steel steps, but Triple H counters. Undertaker charges Triple H, who is still standing on the steel stairs, and Triple H turns it into a spinebuster through the Spanish announce table.

Back into the ring we go, and right when it looks like Triple H has the advantage, Taker dials up a choke slam and plants The Game for a near fall. Triple H eventually gets the Taker in a corner. . .and nobody puts Taker in a corner, as he goes for The Last Ride, but Triple H counters out into a Pedigree attempt. Undertaker turns that into Snake Eyes, and goes for the big boot, but Triple H hits another spinebuster to take back the momentum.

Triple H heads outside of the ring for a steel chair, but Undertaker hits a boot to the face before he can make use of it. The Undertaker picks up the chair, and hits a NASTY chair shot to the back of The Game. Undertaker goes for another one, but takes a kick to the gut. . .and Triple H hits the Pedigree for 2 7/8. Triple H sets the Undertaker up on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Undertaker counters into The Last Ride for a 2 7/8 of his own.

Undertaker picks Triple H up, hits the Tombstone and get the. . .2 and 99/100. Obviously, this displeases the Dead Man, so he grabs the steel chair and sets Triple H up for another Tombstone attempt onto the chair. Triple H counters, and hits a DDT on Taker onto the steel chair. Both men eventually get to their feet, and Triple H hits a second Pedigree, which nets him nothing more than another near fall. Triple H gets up first, hits a third Pedigree, and the Undertaker kicks out again.

(The third Pedigree was terribly botched, but hey. . .not a big deal at this point, I don't think.)

Triple H picks up the steel chair, gets to his feet before the Undertaker, and hits nine nasty chair shots to the back of the Undertaker, and that chair is bent all to hell. Triple H is screaming at The Undertaker to stay down, but Taker struggles back to his feet. . .so Triple H hits him right between the eyes with the chair.

And the Undertaker gets. . .up. . .again.

Triple H continues yelling at the Undertaker to "stay down" and "just die." Triple H gets right up into the Undertaker's face and asks what's wrong with him, and Taker gets his hand around Triple H's throat, but The Game shrugs him off. Triple H mimics The Undertaker's throat slash, picks Taker up, and screams that it's over before he. . .HITS A TOMBSTONE!?

And the Undertaker kicks out. . .again!

So, Triple H heads outside of the ring and goes for Old Faithful. . .his trusty sledgehammer. And, in this match, the sledgehammer is as legal as a headlock. Triple H sets Undertaker up for a sledgehammer shot, and The Undertaker pulls him down and locks in Hell's Gate. Triple H can't get loose, and looks to be fading. Triple H manages to get his hand on the sledgehammer, pick it up. . .and drops it again as Hell's Gate remains locked in. And Triple H taps out! Triple H taps out to the Hell's Gate, and the Undertaker gets to 19-0.

Great, great match. . .maybe not to the level of the matches that Undertaker has had with Shawn Michaels the last two years, but still an outstanding match. In the previews I said this would probably be the match of the night, and I think that's a pretty accurate prediction.

Winner: The Undertaker by submission via Hell's Gate.

After the match, Triple H is able to get to his feet, while Taker lies motionless for a few minutes, and manages to struggle his way out of the ring. After he gets outside of the ropes and onto the floor, he immediately collapses into a heap again, and is unable to get back to his feet. They bring a cart out for the Undertaker, and about four WWE workers help him onto it. The cart goes up the ramp, taking The Undertaker to the backstage area, as we fade to black and one of the WWE's "Don't Try This At Home" announcements.

Creepy ending to this one, but it was a great match. It will be interesting to see how they handle this one on Raw and/or Smackdown.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.