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Wild Week: This is It

Sometimes, the end of another season brings sadness to the players, the organization, and the fans. The season ending means the conclusion of another chapter in the history of the franchise, and everyone gets a little misty eyed about the situation.

This is not one of those times.

While it is certainly not the conclusion the team was looking for, it will be good for everyone involved for it to simply be over. A painful start to the season, protracted down times, an all too brief run of amazing play, and a sudden crash at the end. We have reached the point where it just needs to be done, the slate wiped clean and everyone to come back fresh.

Everyone to their respective corners, and we'll meet back here in October.

Before they go, the Wild have three games to play. Had this been a playoff hunt, these three games could have truly been exciting matchups. At this point, it will be two road games and a fan appreciation even at home. There will be little excitement to be had for any of them, and will be surrounded by more questions about the future than who won or lost in the present.

They start the week in Vancouver on Thursday against the much maligned Canucks. The Nuckleheads have clinched the President's Trophy as the top regualr season team in the NHL, and quite literally have nothing to play for. Hopefully they will sit their brain eating super stars, their crackpot defensemen, and their over rated starting goaltender, and just take it easy for the week.

Probably not.

The Wild then swing through Edmonton for one final bout with the even more hapless Oilers. There isn't even any bad blood between these two squads to help sell this. It's just a bump on the road as they head back to the X to wrap it all up.

Sunday April 10th, the season comes to a sudden stop for the Wild against the Dallas Stars. This will be the last of three fan appreciation dates with fans receiving a ten year anniversary print, and the first 3000 fans receiving the final puck in the series celebrating the greatest games in team history.

After that... well... there's always "next year," right?

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.