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Who Are The Top Fantasy Football Players At Quarterback?

Who to draft, and when?

That’s the biggest question fantasy owners face. Picking the right guy means you win, picking the wrong guy…a sleeper who never wakes up (like Jahvid Best for me last year, arrgh) keeps you out of the money.

Who are the top guys at quarterback, excluding kickers and defense, and who should you pick, if you have the pick of the litter?

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay:
Rodgers is listed as the top QB in fantasy football, and for good reason. He had to deal with injuries to his tight end and receiving corps, and there was no drop in production. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t have a running game last year, and this year he should, making him even more dangerous.

Michael Vick, Philadelphia: Vick has some big time playmakers around him, but Jeremy Maclin has been injured early in camp, and last night his offensive line looked bad. I’m not sold on Vick, to be quite honest. He’s getting a little older, and with all they hype surrounding the Eagles this year, there’s always the possibility of almost unrealistic expectations overtaking the team.

Drew Brees, New Orleans:
Brees is still money, putting up big numbers with unheralded receivers, but his numbers dropped slightly last year. He’s still a great fantasy option, but he needs to cut down on his interceptions. That said, if Drew Brees were my quarterback for 2011, I wouldn’t be upset.

Tom Brady, New England: Brady is still Tom Brady. He’s going to put up big numbers while throwing to guys you’ve never heard of, and he’ll be near the top of every passing category again. He’s not the top option, but if Tom Brady were my fantasy football consolation prize, I wouldn’t be too upset.

Philip Rivers, San Diego:
I would actually put Rivers ahead of Brady, just in terms of fantasy points. Vincent Jackson is back, Antonio Gates looks like he’ll be ready, and Rivers is one of the best pure passers in football.

These are the top guns. You can’t go wrong with any of those guys, but if you find yourself wanting to take the first QB off the board, Aaron Rodgers is the guy you need to be taking.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.