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NFL will look at Vikings hosting Super Bowl, Roger Goodell says

The Minnesota Vikings hope to host a Super Bowl at their new stadium, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will look at the possibility once the stadium is up and running.

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The Minnesota Vikings are playing very well this season, and look like they could be on their way to a postseason appearance. A shot at the Super Bowl still seems a ways off, but if the team continues to improve season-to-season as they did from 2011 to this year, then they could be playing in the game. They'd love to be playing in it before their new stadium plays host to it, of course, considering that wouldn't be until 2018 or 2019, if at all.

As noted by ESPN Twin Cities, the Vikings are hoping to host a Super Bowl in their new stadium once it's built. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about the possibility of them hosting it, and he said that the league would look into it.

"I understand they've indicated an interest in maybe doing it around '18 or '19 and so they'll get in the rotation," he said. "We still have a couple of years before we even get to considering that. It will be down the road which is probably good because I think you want to wait and get the stadium up and running."

The main potential deterrent to a Super Bowl hosted at the new stadium: the weather. But seeing as how New York will have the Super Bowl next season, that concern is quickly diminishing in severity. It did seem like those cities were getting passed up at times in recent years, but it looks like the Vikings will have a solid opportunity once the stadium is built.

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