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Minnesota Vikings P Chris Kluwe awaits fine for "Vote for Ray Guy" message

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The Vikings punter believes Guy should be in the Hall of Fame.


Every team in the NFL wore a patch commemorating the 50th anniversary of the NFL Hall of Fame this weekend. When he learned he'd he wearing the patch, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe took the opportunity to deliver a message. Kluwe covered the patch with athletic tape and wrote "Vote for Ray Guy" on the tape. Kluwe says he's expecting a fine from the NFL for a uniform violation.

Kluwe said after the game he wore the patch because there are no punters in the Hall of Fame and he wouldn't support them without voting one in. Guy remains the only punter ever selected in the first round of the draft, a distinction he earned in 1973 when the Oakland Raiders picked him up. Guy was a seven time Pro Bowler and was selected to the NFL's 75th anniversary team. Kluwe had strong words for Hall of Fame voters after the Vikings 21-14 win over the Chicago Bears.

It actually is a very serious matter because you look at it and the way the selection process is set up right now it's highly unlikely that a punter will ever get into the Hall of Fame. To me if you're going to be the gate keepers to what the game is about and you refuse to recognize a facet of the game you're not doing your job. You are failing at your job.

It's a minimum $5,250 fine for a uniform violation. It's unknown whether Kluwe's fine will pass the minimum.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.