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NCAA Tournament 2012: Watch March Madness Online If You Must

The 2012 NCAA Tournament begins Thursday morning (March Madness schedule available here) and there's a good chance the majority of people are going to take a sick day from work to watch all of the happenings. For those that weren't able to convince their bosses that it was a holiday, however, the games are available online.

The official NCAA Tournament has every game available online -- whether its via the computer, iPhone, iPads or "select" Android devices -- for a pretty affordable price of $3.99. That's different from last year, when it was free, but one doesn't have many options when they're at work without a television in their cubicle (or in front of the couch, for my fellow bloggers).

If the $3.99 price tag is too steep, CBS will still be airing their games online as well. Check out their website for a schedule of which games are streaming live.

For more on the Jackrabbits, visit our team page. For more coverage of South Dakota State in the 2012 NCAA Tournament, visit our 2012 NCAA Tournament StoryStream. Oh, and here's a link to both the men's and women's printable NCAA Tournament bracket.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.