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Even The Wall Street Journal Is Taking Digs At The Gophers

The vibe around Dinkytown has been positive lately that saw then Minnesota women's hockey team winning a national championship Sunday, the wrestling team finishing second this weekend and the men's team winning the WCHA regular season title. Even the Gopher basketball team is having a good showing in the NIT.

So leave it to that New York paper the Wall Street Journal to try to bring Minnesota fans back down. And then some.

In a piece titled "Minnesota Women's Hockey Title: The Golden Gophers Won Something!" the WSJ takes the chance to remind readers that hockey titles (or wrestling or golf or underwater basket weaving) mean nothing because of the school's lack of success in football and basketball.

It's true that the Gophers haven't been to the Rose Bowl since the Kennedy administration and their basketball program won two national titles before 1920. No one will deny that they would like to see the football and basketball teams win a conference title (it hasn't happened since 1982 - every school has won at least 3 in that time) but the author takes joy in pointing out the low points in their history.

It's something more fit for Madison than New York and takes away from what's really important - a group of women coming together and winning a title.

But that's just that Minnesota nice talking.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.