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Brock Lesnar Vs. John Cena Could Lead To Only Win By Major Minnesota Athlete This Month

Brock Lesnar might be the only Minnesota athlete to pick up a win in the month of April (he's scheduled to face John Cena in this month's WWE pay-per-view).

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Brock Lesnar returned to the squared circle last week and, because Minnesota athletics aren't exactly at the top of the heap as of late, yours truly has decided to start tuning into WWE Monday Night Raw on a weekly basis. It isn't real, of course (sorry guy), but it seems like it might be the only chance to see an athlete from Minnesota pick up a relevant win in the month of April.

The Minnesota Twins are off to a less-than-thrilling start, the Minnesota Timberwolves lost a disastrous game to the Phoenix Suns on Monday night to all but eliminate them from NBA Playoff contention, the Minnesota Wild ended their season with a sputter and the Minnesota Vikings ... well they can't technically be terrible for a little while (unless they pull a draft-day blunder, of course).

Brock Lesnar, though -- he looks like he's on pace to pick up a big win on pay-per-view over WWE cash cow John Cena later this month while raking in oodles of money and basically being allowed to do whatever he wants. The former heavyweight champion for the Minnesota Golden Gophers has made a solid return to "professional" wrestling, spotlighted by an all-out brawl on Monday night.

The blood came from a legitimate punch, as far as I can tell, meaning Lesnar either thought he was still doing work as the UFC champion or he has a little bit of ring rust to shake off so that sort of thing doesn't happen again. Either way, it set up what will likely be the main event at this month's Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

It's fake, but at least it looks like one Minnesotan has a chance to win a game this month (Go Twins?).

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.