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The Lingerie Football League Is On Hiatus

Most guys like football. Most guys like girls in lingerie. But the guys who like combining the two are going to have to wait for quite a while to see it again.

The Lingerie Football League has recently announced that there will be no 2012 season--at least for the twelve teams the league currently has in the United States. The league is suspending its U.S. operations to focus on expanding to Canada and Australia. LFL commissioner Mitchell Mortaza explained the hiatus in a statement.

"Yes, we have shifted the LFL US schedule, because we believe ultimately LFL Football in the US and abroad is a better product in the Spring and Summer months. This extended hiatus also enables our LFL US teams to focus on recruiting and ultimately continuing to teach the fundamentals of the game."

"This hiatus also enables us to take this great game of ours international with the premiere of LFL Canada and in 2013 the kickoff of LFL Australia. We are focused to not simply resting on being called the ‘fastest growing sports league in the US' (BusinessWeek) but the fastest growing sports franchise in the world."

The Minnesota franchise, the Valkyrie, were scheduled to have open tryouts this Sunday. Sadly, it looks like the team won't get to proudly don those purple and gold bras for at least another year.

But fear not, Minnesotans--you can still get your women's football fix. If you're looking for authentic women's football while the Valkyrie are out of operation, the Minnesota Machine women's tackle football team begin their season in St. Louis this Saturday. You won't see any lingerie, but you'll see big hits and legitimate, quality football. Their home opener is April 21 at Woodbury High School. Visit their site for a full schedule and more information about the team.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.