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Adrian Peterson Preaching Patience, Waiting Out The Preseason

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson spoke to the media Tuesday after learning that his team would not allow him to play in any preseason games. Peterson did not sound thrilled about the decision, but he does sound resigned to taking nothing but practice snaps:

"I’ve been preaching to myself. I’ve been repeating it and trying to brainwash myself. Patience. Patience. Because the past couple of weeks I really haven’t been hearing the things I’ve wanted to hear. So I’ve had to be patient. Patient. Overall, I’m understanding it man and we’re on the same page. And my goal’s not going to change. So I’m just going to be patient and continue to do what I can do to make sure that I’m able to reach that goal [of playing Sept. 9]."

Though some reports held that Peterson was unhappy with the Vikings' decision, he smoothed over any potential conflict with some 'team-first' words:

"I understand from their point of view, from the coaching staff, from ownership, how they’re viewing everything with what’s most important for this organization and this team. So with that being said, I’m just going to do my part."

The Vikings host the Jacksonville Jaguars Sept. 9 to open the 2012 NFL regular season.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.