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A List Of Missed Stars Chances

Let me attempt to describe to you some of the chances not taken by the Stars.

  • 5' - Kevin Venegas picks a defender's pocket and is through on the goalkeeper, bearing down on him from the left corner of the penalty area. His shot, though, misses the goal and sails so far wide that it was actually nearer the corner flag than the goal.
  • 49' - Miguel Ibarra wins the ball in midfield and starts a move that ends with Ibarra himself driving a cross into the back of the net - but he's a yard offside, and the goal doesn't stand.
  • 51' - Ibarra uses his quickness to beat a defender to a long ball over the top. Coming in at a sharp angle from the right, he shoots - but Edmonton keeper Lance Parker gets a finger to it and pushes the shot over the top.
  • 60' - This time it's Amani Walker's turn to be through on goal with nobody but the keeper to beat, coming head-on with the whole goal to shoot at - but he puts the shot over the top.
  • 78' - Martin Nunez's shot from the edge of the area clearly hits a defender's arm, but the penalty appeal is ignored by the referee.
  • 86' - Keeper Parker tries to come out to clear a long ball, but Ibarra beats him to it and pokes it past him. With two Stars bearing down on goal and an open net, Ibarra chooses to go for goal from a sharp angle - and hits the outside of the post.

That's three one-on-ones with the keeper, one empty net, one penalty appeal waved off, and one time the ball was in the net but didn't count. You can see why the team is starting to look so deflated - they just can't get anything to go their way.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.