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Vikings' Chris Kluwe Lays Down Some Knowledge On Dollar Amounts For CBA Fines

It's no secret that NFL players get fined for a large number of things. But we've only really ever known the dollar amount for game conduct things like illegal hits and things of that nature. There's a ton of other stuff a player can do that earns a fine, from throwing a football into the stands to missing an appointment with the team's physician. We always knew the fine for tossing a football away was something more than the $20 or so the thing actually cost, but now we've got an exact number.

Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings commented on a post from Deadspin, which was talking about a recent fine to Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt. Apparently, Britt took to Instagram to share a picture of his fine sheet for missing a scheduled meeting with a team trainer, which showed a fine of $9,915. Folks wondered why Britt was getting charged that much and, as it turns out, that's the maximum penalty for that fine, according to Kluwe. Make the jump for more.

Kluwe commented that it was the standard CBA (collective bargaining agreement) fine for missing a meeting or scheduled treatment session. He went on to say that a team generally wouldn't enforce it unless you've "done a really good job of pissing them off." Then, Kluwe dusted off his copy of the CBA and listed some other fine numbers, including the full text of the fine Britt received.

Of particular note: $495 per pound fine for being overweight, $1,855 fine for throwing a football into the stands, $9,915 fine for losing part of a playbook, scouting report or gameplan, $26,250 fine for being ejected from a game and a max fine of $9,915 for missing a team transportation.

Those are some pretty hefty numbers. Kluwe signed off with a quip "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make sure I'm not late for our bus to the airport for San Fran."

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