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Twins Could Move Brian Dozier To Make Room For Pedro Florimon

The Minnesota Twins could be looking to move Brian Dozier around, given Pedro Florimon's success at shortstop.

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The Minnesota Twins could be looking to move shortstop Brian Dozier, according to John Shipley of the Pioneer Press. Pedro Florimon took over for Dozier at shortstop in mid-August, after Dozier had been the starting guy for 84 games this season, and as a rookie. Florimon has been doing really well and has received some praise from Rob Antony, assistant general manager for the Twins.

"Florimon has kind of made the plays and shown some of the range that you really like from a shortstop, that Dozier didn't necessarily do," assistant general manager Rob Antony said Sunday, Sept. 16. "So it might be a situation where we still think Dozier can be a good player, but he may end up being a second baseman instead of a shortstop."

Not only could Dozier play at second base, he could also find himself playing third. Dozier hopefully has a long career ahead of him, and shuffling positions in or near his rookie season shouldn't be a huge deal. He needs to find the place that's best for him but more than that, he needs to find the place that's best for the team.

It's likely Dozier will play both second and third base during winter ball in Venezuela. The Twins are hopeful he'll stick at one of those positions, so they can manage to get both Dozier and Forimon into the lineup at once, as the team's defense is unquestionably better with both of them out there.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.