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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Vikings Vault Up

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After a crazy Week 3 full of questionable calls and unbelievable upsets, SB Nation Minnesota's NFL Power Rankings look pretty different this week.

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

So, have you heard about the Monday Night Football game? Oh, you have? It's all anyone is talking about? Yeah, you're probably right. But here with the weekly NFL power rankings, we talk about all 32 teams, not the two dominating the headlines thanks to the laughable replacement referees.

As usual, we'll provide the record for each team along with how far they climbed or fell compared to last week's rankings.

  1. Texans (3-0, +1): The Texans officially have a formula, and it's working: play great defense, protect the ball, and pound the rock on the ground when they get a lead. Come to think of it, that formula will work for just about any team. Houston just happens to be better at it than anyone else right now.
  2. Falcons (3-0, +1): They dominated San Diego on their home turf. Nobody in the NFC is playing better. Besides one mistake in the red zone, Matt Ryan is making all the right decisions and playing the best football of his career.
  3. Ravens (2-1, +5): Joe Flacco to Torrey Smith is becoming one of the more potent combinations in the league. For once, it's not all about the defense in Baltimore.
  4. Giants (2-1, +5): The Giants Godfathered us again: just when we think they're out (barely edging Tampa after a loss to Dallas, tons of injuries), they pull us back in (destroying Carolina on the road).
  5. 49ers (2-1, -4): They're still a very good team, but they got flat out beat in the Metrodome even with all the extra timeouts and challenges.
  6. Cardinals (3-0, +6): Fine, we're believers. The defense is going to keep them in every game and Kevin Kolb is playing well enough to make Arizona contenders for the time being.
  7. Patriots (1-2, -1): Can't drop the Pats too much after a tough, controversial loss to the Ravens. Their upcoming schedule is very winnable.
  8. Packers (1-2, -4): Can't drop the Pack too much after a tough, flat-out screw job in Seattle. But let's face it: something's still off with their O.
  9. Eagles (2-1, -2): It's hard to be a great team when your quarterback is handing out the ball to defenses like programs at church.
  10. Chargers (2-1, -5): Classic Norv Turner September rollover game. Let's see if San Diego can prevent mailing it in two weeks in a row.
  11. Bears (2-1, +3): Ugly, ugly win against St. Louis at home, but Rod Marinelli is scheming up some effective defense in Chicago.
  12. Cowboys (2-1, +4): The defense might be one of the most improved units in the league. The offensive line might get Tony Romo killed.
  13. Seahawks (2-1, +2): Just make sure your thank you card to Roger Goodell's office is sent discreetly, Pete Carroll. Russell Wilson needs to shed his training wheels soon to help out his impressive defense.
  14. Bengals (2-1, +5): Cincy is actually a lot of fun to watch. I know, I never thought I'd say that either.
  15. Broncos (1-2, -4): It's hard to win games when you're spotting the other team 20 points each week.
  16. Steelers (1-2, -6): Bad loss to Oakland. In a league filled with sub-par offensive lines, they might have the worst.
  17. Vikings (2-1, +10): They out-Ninered the consensus best team in the league in a wire-to-wire victory. If Christian Ponder plays like he did going forward, Minnesota could make some serious noise.
  18. Bills (2-1, +4): So they can beat up on the dregs of the league. Can they tackle better competition with their third string running back?
  19. Jets (2-1, +2): Still more questions than answers after winning an ugly thriller in Miami. Darelle Revis' injury could topple them.
  20. Lions (1-2, -7): They simply can't stop anybody on defense or special teams. Mikel Leshoure might be just what this team needs though.
  21. Redskins (1-2, -1): Poor Washington. They finally get a big-play quarterback, yet they can barely protect him and their defense is too gutted by injuries to be much help. All the late boneheaded penalties aren't helping either.
  22. Panthers (1-2, -4): We get it, Cam Newton. You were super bummed out about that loss to the Giants. Now quit pouting and prove to everyone you aren't going through a sophomore slump.
  23. Buccaneers (1-2, -6): Unless the Bucs can get their offense straight, there are going to be a lot of controversial Greg Schiano victory formations.
  24. Rams (1-2, -1): Guess what? It's yet another team that can't protect the quarterback!
  25. Chiefs (1-2, +4): Big overtime road win thanks to Jamaal Charles putting the team on his back. Matt Cassel can follow suit anytime now.
  26. Titans (1-2, +4): They finally scored a bunch of points, but you can't depend on huge plays and Detroit's defense every week.
  27. Raiders (1-2, +5): Great come-from-behind win over Pittsburgh. Maybe they aren't as bad as what we saw the first two weeks?
  28. Saints (0-3, -4): Eaux and three and staring at a trip to Lambeau to face a very disgruntled Pack. Have fun guys!
  29. Dolphins (1-2, -3): They iced their way down this week. You can't afford to give away wins like that. Especially when you're the Miami Dolphins.
  30. Jaguars (1-2, +1): Maurice Jones-Drew can't do it by himself, but he came pretty darn close this past week.
  31. Colts (1-2, -6): Probably had them too high last week. They have to play their best to win with the amount of talent they have, and they aren't playing their best right now.
  32. Browns (0-3, -4): If it's Brown, it's down. In the power rankings toilet, that is.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.