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Denard Span will do whatever it takes to stay with Twins

Denard Span is willing to be versatile to remain with the Minnesota Twins.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Minnesota Twins have some solid talent in the outfield, but they also have some big needs in other places, namely the starting pitching. Guys like Denard Span and Ben Revere both feel like they're the right person for the starting job at center field. One of the popular solutions among pundits has been for Span to be traded for some starting pitching, to get something the team really needs and potentially alleviate conflict in the outfield.

That doesn't mean Span wants to go anywhere, though. The Pioneer Press had a quote from Span in which he said he'd swallow his pride if it would help the team win.

"I'm willing to swallow my pride, and if it's going help the team win, or if it's going to keep me here in Minnesota, then I'll do whatever it takes."

Span said that he knows he can play the center field position at a pretty high level. Whenever he's in the lineup, Revere has been playing in right field, but many feel as though he's better suited for center, where his excellent range and closing speed aids him the most.

While Span has been the starting center fielder since 2009, Revere might earn himself some more playing time. Judging by that quote, it looks like Span is willing to move around in the outfield to get both players on the field. Trading Span as a good idea is debatable at this point, but if it comes down to both players on the field at the same time more often than naught as an alternative, it seems like it would only help the Twins.

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