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Adrian Peterson Says He's Not Injury Prone

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has missed only seven games in his five-year NFL career, but after blowing out his knee at the end of the 2011 season, Peterson is beating back the notion that he's "jinxed."

"No I don't think I'm jinxed at all," Peterson said. "That [first injury] happened my junior year. I'm five years in [the NFL]. That's a good span of time without having any serious injuries."

(via Minnesota Star-Tribune)

The first injury that Peterson is referring to is when he broke his collarbone as a junior at Oklahoma, which forced him to miss seven games that year. The notion of Peterson as fragile mostly dates back to his time at Oklahoma, where he dislocated a shoulder as a freshman and missed time as a sophomore with a high ankle sprain. Concern about Peterson's durability is cited as the main reason why he dropped all the way to No. 7 overall in the 2007 draft.

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