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Bryan is an Editor for Hockey Wilderness and is an Assistant Editor here on SBN Minnesota. Dream jobs include: naming paint colors, paid CEO emeritus of 3M, or Senate confirmed "Director of Vengeful Beatings." Once drafted by the Kansas City Royals in the 532nd round.

Minnesota Swarm made 10 draft picks Monday night

The Minnesota Swarm made a franchise record ten draft picks last night, including four in the first round. Who are they, and what do they bring to the team?

This stream has:

Swarm Make Four First Round Picks, Ten Total

The Minnesota Swarm currently own the second, third, & fourth overall picks, as well as tenth overall.

Tenth Overall Pick: Alex Crepinsek

With the tenth pcik, the Swarm capped off their first round run by drafting a tenacious defender, Alex Crepinsek. Want to know why Swarm fans should care? He once shut down John Grant, Jr.

Fourth Overall Pick: Shayne Jackson

With the 4th overall pick, the Minnesota Swarm went away from the giants they were selecting, and took 5' 9" Shayne Jackson, a pure goal scorer out of Limestone.

Third Overall Pick: Kiel Matisz

With the third overall pick, the Minnesota Swarm added even more size, taking 6'5" Kiel Matisz, a goal scoring power forward type that will give opponents headaches immediately.

Second Overall Pick: Brock Sorenson

At 6'6", 220 pounds, Brock Sorenson is going to add a real threat to the Swarm's transition game.

NHL CBA: Weekend Meetings Result in Nothing

Minnesota Swarm Hold 4 First Round Picks in Draft

The Minnesota Swarm currently own the second, third, & fourth overall picks, as well as tenth overall.

NHL CBA Negotiations: Taking Your Ball and Going Home

The NHL and NHLPA are done talking. The lockout goes into place tomorrow. Find a new hobby, hockey fans. This is going to get ugly.

NLL Lacrosse: Minnesota Swarm Announce 2013 Schedule

The Minnesota Swarm have released their 2013 schedule. Will they play in St. Paul before the Minnesota Wild do?

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.