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I've been writing about the Twins since March of 2005 when TwinsGeek set up the original Twins post-centered fan community, Twins Territory. Since November of 2005, TwinkieTown's inception, I've been the administrator and chief contributor for this community. I have a great passion for baseball and for the Twins specifically, and this site is the perfect outlet for me. With all the members involved and all the different perspectives it's impossible to not learn something new on a regular basis, and I love the constant flow of input and ideas. This community has grown by leaps and bounds since it's debut, and I encourage anyone and everyone who stops by to participate in the discussion. Thanks for reading, and enjoy TwinkieTown 3.0! Jesse

Twins Rotation Still In Shambles; Is Cole DeVries Next?

With the Minnesota rotation already coming apart at the seams, if Carl Pavano needs to miss a start they'll need to find at least one starter who can step in and fill the void.

Minnesota Twins Will Be Drafting Second Overall: Who Should They Be Targeting?

Let's examine a few names the Twins might be scouting for the second overall pick in baseball's upcoming draft.

What Can We Expect From Brian Dozier?

The Minnesota Twins are calling up their first real shortstop prospect in years. As fans, what should we expect?

The Return of Denard: Reviewing Span's Past to See His Future

Span's off to a blistering start. Besides injuries, where'd he go the last two years?

Scouting Justin Morneau: On Plate Discipline, Pitch Recognition, and Bat Speed

Justin Morneau isn't the complete player he was in his prime. SB Nation Minnesota investigates how he's adjusting so far.

Minnesota Twins Waiting for Alexi Casilla to Find Consistency

Alexi Casilla can be frustratingly inconsistent. Can he find a happy medium and be who the Twins need him to be?

What Will the Minnesota Twins Rotation Look Like In 2013?

As the Twins move through the current season it's worth looking forward to 2013, when a number of changes are in store for the starting rotation.

Minnesota Twins Host Perennial World Series Contenders' Texas Rangers This Weekend

The Texas Rangers have been dangerous with the bats for a while. Recently, they've also had the pitching to back it up. Who can you expect to see against the Minnesota Twins?

Back to the Minors: Breaking Down the Red Wings' Opening Day Roster

Breaking down the roster for the Rochester Red Wings.

Minnesota Twins Roster: How Four Relative Unknowns Unexpectedly Made It To Opening Day

With four unexpected names making the trip north with the Minnesota Twins in a few days, now is a good time to chronicle the circumstances that led to their rise. No roster decisions are made in a vacuum, especially on opening day, and these are no exception.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.