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Wolves Week 7: Two steps forward, two steps back

Things were looking up for the Timberwolves - but every time you think they're ready to rip off a run, they backslide into looking like a .500 team yet again.

Wolves Week 6: We Need To Talk About Kevin

Minnesota won twice in two games in week six, but the real action was off the floor, where Kevin Love aired his frustration with the franchise at a curious time.

Wolves Week 5: The new but temporary normal

The Wolves found some sort of equilibrium in week five of the season - but Ricky Rubio will return any day now to re-introduce some chaos to the team.

Altman faces choice: soccer or saving lives?

Minnesota Stars team captain Kyle Altman is a free agent this off-season, and now has to make a difficult decision - soccer, or medical school?

This stream has:

Stars offseason: 2013 roster shaping up

The Minnesota Stars have much to do in the off-season - and have begun early by retaining the options on 13 players. However, big questions remain, especially about some key free agents.

Stars to move into Metrodome, temporarily

The Minnesota Stars will play the first four games of their season in the Metrodome, the team's first extended stretch indoors.

Stars pick up 13 options, but questions remain

Minnesota retained the services of 13 of the 18 players on which the team held contract options - but the big questions surround some of the team's free agents.

Wolves wk 4: The gang that couldn't shoot straight

The Timberwolves aren't playing bad defense, they're rebounding well, they're getting to the line - but they keep losing because they can't shoot, at all.

NASL names new commissioner

The North American Soccer League introduced their new commissioner, Bill Peterson, on Tuesday. The new commissioner spoke about his plans for second-division American soccer - and the possibility of frozen games in Minnesota next season.

Wolves week 3: This is the team they have

The Wolves lost twice this week, and as we look back at their week, we realize: This right here is the group of players that the team will have for most of this season.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.