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Latest BCS Projections Show Big Drop For Bucky, Big Jump For Sparty

Last night was a chaotic one in college football, with the Wisconsin Badgers getting upset on Hail Sparty, and the University of Oklahoma losing at home against Texas Tech. What does that mean for the Big Ten in the latest BCS rankings?

Well, according to the latest BCS projections, it means. . .good things for the Big Ten? Huh wha?

We'll explain after the jump.

Yes, the Big Ten is listed among the "winners" for this week, despite Wisconsin's loss to the Michigan State Spartans last night.

Big Ten: Though Wisconsin lost on a Hail Mary pass and is out of the national championship discussion, the conference is now well-positioned to earn two BCS berths. Besides the Badgers, Michigan State, Nebraska and even Michigan are in the picture as potential BCS bowl candidates. Remember, the bowls love the big schools that can bring a crowd, and the Big Ten is full of those. A two-loss Big Ten team is just about a lock for a BCS bid.

Well, Big Ten schools do, indeed, tend to travel well, and the conference has been quite strong this year. And, as the man said, Wisconsin is now out of the National Championship picture. . .or, as "Stu" from the Star-Tribune's "Randball" site put it last night on Twitter:

Oh no, something else bad happened to a team from Wisconsin
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Yes. . .just terrible, isn't it? (Okay, not really.)

The projected BCS Top 15 looks like this. . .the actual BCS Top 15 will be revealed on ESPN this evening at 7:15 PM Central time.

1) LSU Tigers
2) Alabama Crimson Tide
3) Oklahoma State Cowboys
4) Clemson Tigers
5) Stanford Cardinal
6) Boise State Broncos
7) Arkansas Razorbacks
8) Kansas Stata Wildcats
9) Oregon Ducks
10) Oklahoma Sooners
11) Nebraska Cornhuskers
12) Michigan State Spartans
13) Wisconsin Badgers
14) South Carolina Gamecocks
15) Virginia Tech Hokies

Three Big Ten teams in the BCS Top 15? For any conference not named the ESSSSS EEEEEE SEEEEE (™ Every Day Should Be Saturday), that's pretty darn good.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.