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Big Ten Bracketology 2011: Another Bracket Update From SB Nation

Chris Dobberteam from SB Nation has his latest NCAA Tournament bracket projection out, and there are six Big Ten teams now firmly in the field of 68 with no need for a play-in game.

Here's where everyone in the Big Ten is currently sitting, according to Dobberteam.

Ohio State Buckeyes - #1 seed in the East bracket
Purdue Boilermakers - #4 seed in the West bracket
Wisconsin Badgers - #4 seed in the Southeast bracket
Michigan Wolverines - #9 seed in the Southwest bracket
Michigan State Spartans - #10 seed in the Southeast bracket
Illinois Fighting Illini - #11 seed in the West bracket

You can see that the losses by Purdue and Wisconsin were significant ones, as they were previously listed as a #2 seed and a #3 seed, respectively.

As far as Penn State, Dobberteam says that their victory over Wisconsin last night got them "closer," but that they're not in the field yet. It will be interesting to see what their projection will become if they should knock off Michigan State this afternoon. Obviously if the Nittany Lions win the whole Big Ten Tournament, they're in automatically, but will one more win be enough to get them an at-large bid and give the Big Ten seven NCAA Tournament teams?

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.