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2011 March Madness Predictions: West Regional

The winner of the East Regional, which you can see the preview for right here, will match up with the winner of the West regional in the 2011 Final Four in Houston. The Duke Blue Devils are the top seed, as they reached up and took the one top seed that had been a bone of contention in the days leading up to Selection Sunday.

Who's overseeded? If I had to pick a team from this region to give that label to, it might be the Cincinnati Bearcats, who were last seen losing in the Big East Tournament by thirty-eight points. Yes, I know that they're out of the Big East and all that, but still. . .thirty-eight points? Really?

Which team has "Danny Manning" potential? Seriously, did you watch the Big East Tournament? How ridiculous was Connecticut's Kemba Walker? Absolutely, positively, freaking ridiculous, that's how ridiculous. As scary as this might sound, the Huskies may have an easier road in the West regional than they did in the Big East Tournament, and Walker has shown himself to be as clutch as it gets in this year's field.

Potential first-round upset: I like Missouri to take down Cincinnati, as I mentioned in the first paragraph there, and look for the Oakland Golden Grizzlies to at least give the Texas Longhorns a battle, if not beat them outright.

Sweet 16 Picks: Duke vs. Arizona, Connecticut vs. San Diego State

Elite Eight Picks: Arizona vs. Connecticut

Predicted West Bracket Winner: Connecticut

Hey, if you want to bet against Kemba Walker at this point, you go right ahead and do that. I won't be joining you.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.