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2011 March Madness Predictions: Southeast Regional

Let's move on to the Southeast Regional, where the Pittsburgh Panthers claimed the top overall seed by being the best team in the Big East Conference during the regular season. Yes, they got knocked out early in the Big East Tournament, but their body of work was impressive enough to get them a top spot, and with little argument.

Who's overseeded? Look no further than the region's second seed, the Florida Gators. Being a number two seed implies that you're one of the eight best basketball teams in the country. While Florida is a good team, I'm not sure if that's a heading they fall under.

Which team has "Danny Manning" potential? As the young lad in the wheelchair from South Park might put it. . .JIMMER! JIMMER JIMMER JIMMER! Even with the loss of Brandon Davis because BYU is, apparently, run by the town elders from Footloose, Jimmer Fredette could easily carry the Cougars a long way in this tournament. Guy dropped 52 in a Mountain West Tournament game, for crying out loud.

Potential first-round upset: Man, this bracket is just full of them, in my opinion. I think the strongest chance for an upset lies in the 5/12 game between Kansas State and Utah State. The Aggies are close to home, and the Wildcats have been terribly inconsistent. Also, now that D.J. Kennedy's season is done, don't be surprised if Gonzaga takes down the Red Storm of St. John's.

Sweet 16 Picks: Pittsburgh vs. Utah State, BYU vs. UCLA

Elite Eight Picks: Pittsburgh vs. BYU

Predicted Southeast Bracket Winner: Pittsburgh

The Panthers were the best team in the best conference in America during the regular season, and I think this is going to be the year that coach Jamie Dixon gets his team to the Final Four.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.