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Big Ten Bracketology 2011: Joe Lunardi Updates His Brackets

We had an earlier update about what Joe Lunardi had to say about the NCAA Tournament Brackets, and he has released new brackets that we want to give you an update on.

Here's the latest from Lunardi about where the Big Ten teams are currently situated in his eyes.

Ohio State Buckeyes - #1 seed in the East bracket (same as previous bracket projection)
Purdue Boilermakers - #2 seed in the Southwest bracket (same as previous projection)
Wisconsin Badgers - #3 seed in the Southeast bracket (same as previous projection)
Illinois Fighting Illini - #10 seed in the West bracket (previously #10 seed in the East)
Michigan State Spartans - #10 seed in the East bracket (previously #12 seed in the West)

Lunardi still has the Michigan Wolverines playing for the right to be a #12 seed in the East bracket, the same as he did last time, but now has them taking on the Boston College Eagles rather than the Baylor Bears.

Keep in mind that Lunardi's most recent projections are dated March 4, which means they took place before the Wolverines completed a season sweep of the Spartans. One would think that that victory would solidify Michigan's tournament chances (i.e. they wouldn't have to play a play-in game to get into the field) while dealing a significant blow to those of the Spartans. . .possibly pushing them out of the field all together. It also doesn't take into account Purdue getting bumped off by the Iowa Hawkeyes last night, a loss that could potentially knock the Boilermakers out of a #2 seed.

Oh, and the Gophers? Yeah. . .still not in. But I'm guessing you knew that already.

We'll have further updates on your NCAA Tournament Bracket projections as they continue to become available.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.