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NDSU Leads 28-14 At Halftime

Do you remember back to the 1988 World Series, after Kirk Gibson hit that dramatic, game winning home run in game one, announcer Jack Buck exclaimed ‘I can’t bee-leeve what I just saw!’.

Fast forward to 2011, TCF Bank Stadium, and that line rings just as true now as ii did all those years ago. With Minnesota down 21-14, they had one play left to end the half, and it seemed a Hail Mary into the end zone was the only play.

Well, the Gophers passed, but MarQueis Gray only threw it down to about the 20, where it was promptly picked off by NDSU DB Colten Heagle. He started returning it up the far sideline, and wildly threw it as he was being tackled…where it was promptly scooped up by Marcus Williams and he ran the rest of the way for the score.

As bad as the defense has been, the offensive running game has been pretty good, as the Gophers have ran for 150 yards in the first half.  Donell Kirkwood has 68 yards and two TD's, and Duane Bennett has 60 yards.

But th Gophers defense has absolutely no answer for anything NDSU does.  The Bison have three drives, and offensive TD's to go with their INT/fumble/what the hell was that TD.  As a team, they have run for 125 yards and three TD's, and QB Brock Jensen is 6-8 for 82 yards, and is playing much better than MarQueis Gray.

Minnesota has quite a hole to dig out of, and NDSU will get the ball to start the half.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.