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PHOTO: Minnesota Football Uniforms New for Next Season

The Minnesota Golden Gophers are a bit of a throwback team, like the majority of the Big Ten, so it isn't likely that man people were expecting worlds of change when the team announced its new jerseys on Friday afternoon. Those in attendance, then, likely weren't surprised when the new football uniforms include only subtle changes.

The new uniforms, re-designed by Nike, will allow the Gophers to combine gold, white and maroon jerseys with gold, white and maroon pants. The uniforms will be paired with the new helmets unveiled in December to complete a sort-of new look for the Minnesota football team.

Photos are available below.

Maroon_gold_400h_medium White_maroon_400h_medium

Four other combinations are included on the school's website along with a video. For those that don't pay too close of attention to the team's uniforms, a press release noted the following changes:

The Minnesota name on the front of the jersey has been replaced by the Block M. The maroon and white jerseys feature each player's name on the back, while the gold tops simply say "Minnesota" on the back, serving as another reminder that Gopher football is Minnesota's team. Piping is gone from the pants, while a Block M on the hip has been added.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.