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Minnesota Basketball Recruit Wally Ellenson To Compete In Dunk Contest

For more on the Minnesota Golden Gophers, go to The Daily Gopher.

Dunk competitions aren't just relegated to being an attraction for the NBA's All-Star Game festivities. The NCAA gets in on that action, but instead of players from the tournament, they're bringing in high schoolers - hopeful future tournament players, even. That's all going to tie in with the NCAA Final Four in New Orleans on March 30.

But more importantly, University of Minnsota basketball recruit Wally Ellenson will be competing in the contest out of Rice Lake High School in Wisconsin. Ellenson got into the event by winning a vote on Facebook, according to The Pioneer Press. The votes were based on a highlight video of his.

And what a highlight video it is - the way he cuts through to make the dunk at about a minute in is pretty great. That isn't to say the rest of them aren't, but he's clearly looking for the dunk more often than naught. If he can make someone else look silly while he's at it, then bonus. But that's really part of dunking anyway, no?

Ellenson will compete with the other seven entrants in New Orleans, and it will be televised on CBS on April 1.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.