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College Football Playoff System Backed By Minnesota's AD

University of Minnesota's incoming Athletic Director Norwood Teague is in support of a playoff system for college football.

With the push for a playoffs system in college football gaining momentum, the concept earned another supporter in the form of incoming University of Minnesota Athletic Director, Norwood Teague. Teague who was named the university's next AD on April 23, believes that the system would be a great addition to the game but that it needs to be done in an intelligent manner.

His comments courtesy of the Minnesota media outlet,

"We have to be really smart about how we do it," said Teague, who will replace retiring Gophers AD Joel Maturi on June 18. "I do agree with Commissioner Delany in that we've got to be careful about watering down the regular season because every game in college football is important. But to be quite honest with you, the revenue from (the playoff) would be incredible.

Money of course is the biggest determining factor. Teague believes that the playoff system could help spread out the revenue regardless of the size of the colleges participating in it.

"There are some programs in college athletics that have a lot of money. But most programs don't, whether it be some in the Big Ten or some in the Pac-12. Perception is that they have money, but they don't. We have to generate revenue to support what we do."

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