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Timberwolves Fall To Jazz, 119-104

The Minnesota Timberwolves had hoped to repeat their victory of five days ago this evening against the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City, but were unable to do so, falling to the Jazz by a score of 119-104. C.J. Miles. . .yes, I had to look him up, too. . .scored forty points for Utah tonight, while Kevin Love's double-double streak now stands at one after he scored 22 points and brought in 11 rebounds in tonight's loss.

The folks over at Canis Hoopus have come to a conclusion. . .it's time for Kurt Rambis to go.

Dwane Casey was a better coach than Kurt Rambis and he was axed for FAR less than what the Zen Apprentice has gotten away with during his embarrassing tenure with the Wolves.  Casey has the 2nd highest coaching win percentage in team history (.434).  He got the most out of a squad that gave him nothing in terms of respect from the get-go and was not backed up in his efforts by the front office, ownership, or the local press.  Kurt Rambis has the 2nd lowest coaching win percentage in team history (.213).  His team runs a nonsensical offense that has not only failed to produce results on the court, but has also led the equally inept POBO to create a roster ("these are Kurt's guys") for what doesn't work.  Long, athletic, triangle, whatever. Rambis has now coached in 151 games at the head of the Wolves bench and he's won 32 of them.  He  shouldn't be allowed back on the plane. Then again, the Wolves do not seem to have any standards so I'm sure he'll be with us the rest of the season, maybe longer.  

When McHale made his comment about inconsistency, the Wolves were 20-20.  It's been downhill ever since.  They've gone from 32 to 22 to 24 to 15 (15!) wins to likely another sub-20 win season.  The reasons for them doing so have been obvious and, amazingly, consistent (the predictability of their failure has been the only consistent thing in the post-KG era).  This is the reason why most games look exactly like all of the other ones and why all of the game wraps seem to point in one direction: It's because that's what the team does and to ignore it is insane...probably just as insane as continuing to pay money to follow a franchise that refuses to do anything different in order to win.  The reason for all the negativity is because the team has consistently declining standards and they continue to push any chance of winning further and further and further off into the future.  Any talk of a non Kevin Love silver lining at this point should be placed in a Fan Post called Mrs. Lincoln's Play.  

With what we've seen from the Wolves recently, it's pretty hard to disagree.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.