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Is Second Pick In NBA Draft Following Lottery The Best Option For Minnesota Timberwolves?

The Minnesota Timberwolves will pick second in this year's NBA Draft despite having the best odds of winning the 2011 NBA Draft lottery. This might not be such a bad thing for Wolves fans, however.

Consider David Kahn's luck in the past and then think about the decisions he would have had to make with the first pick: Is Ricky Rubio coming over from Spain or do I need to draft Duke point guard Kyrie Irving? Is Arizona's Derrick Williams really the second best player available in the NBA Draft? What's an Enes Kanter and is there any possible way that he's better than manna from Heaven, a la Darko Milicic?

Instead, Kahn will now have a handy excuse if the Draft doesn't work out in the Wolves favor because -- like always -- the Wolves simply got unlucky. Kahn will be able to take whichever player the Cleveland Cavaliers don't in what's widely considered a two-player draft (and a mediocre one at that).

So, while getting the first pick would have been nice, at least this should allow Kahn to make an easy decision. Should, perhaps, being the key word.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.