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2011 NBA Draft: Is Danny Granger Worth the Timberwolves Second Overall Pick?

For now this is probably best filed under 'NBA trade rumors,' but Fox Sports Ohio's Sam Amico is reporting that the Indiana Pacers are dangling Danny Granger in an effort to trade up and acquire the Minnesota Timberwolves second overall pick in next month's NBA Draft.

Amico also says that Ricky Rubio, who may or may not come over from Spain this season, and Michael Beasley are also being mentioned in the almost-assuredly preliminary trade talks. The Pacers have the 15th and 42nd picks in the June 23 draft, but by dangling Granger, there's no assurance that either pick would be included in this discussion.

Wolves president of basketball operations has been saying that he would prefer veteran experience rather than continuing to acquire youth, but the addition of Granger would mean even less playing time for Wesley Johnson, last year's lottery pick.

There's no doubt the Wolves could use a 6-foot-8 wing who shoots near 40 percent from beyond the arc, but Granger's due $12, $13 and $14 million dollars over the next three seasons, which would make him the highest paid player on the Wolves roster.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.