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Kurt Rambis Is Still In Minnesota, Still Not Talking To The Media About His Job Status With The Timberwolves

Remember when Kurt Rambis showed up at the Minnesota Timberwolves hosted NBA Draft workout on Monday and all the media could do was note how awkward the situation has become between he and David Kahn?

The Wolves' head coach showed up at Day 2 of the workout on Tuesday, and even though he was now sitting next to his cohort in Kahn -- the Wolves' president of basketball operations -- ESPN 1500's Dana Wessel noted the situation was still as awkward as it's ever been.

In a situation that has now become downright bizarre, Rambis was back at the workouts a day after surprising just about everyone with his presence. But unlike Monday, when the two were in different parts of the gym, Rambis was sitting next to president of basketball operations David Kahn during the media availability following the first session.

For a second straight day, neither Rambis or Kahn were made available to the media and the team had no statement about the strange coaching purgatory Rambis has found himself in.

Eventually, if the Wolves don't want this blowing up in the national media like it is in the local media, Kahn is going to have to at least explain the hold-up regarding clarifying Rambis's situation.

Not only is it classless to leave Rambis hanging, but the longer the team waits to decide if he's returning, the harder it's going to be to find a head coach worthy of guiding the Wolves ship. If there are even coaches that want to deal with the current mess, of course.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.