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Kurt Rambis Is Still Expected To Be Fired As Minnesota Timberwolves Head Coach

The Kurt Rambis saga has gone on far too long considering the Minnesota Timberwolves head coach has been whipping in the wind regarding his job status ever since the regular season came to a close.

An end is apparently near, however, according to Tom Powers of the Pioneer Press.

Rambis and David Kahn, the Wolves much-maligned president of basketball operations, are expected to meet soon now that the NBA Finals are final. How soon, however, is something Powers wasn't exactly sure of, saying "I don't know the exact date for the Kahn-Rambis meeting, just that there definitely is one scheduled and that it's coming up pretty quickly."

At the meeting, Powers says, Rambis will finally be put out of his misery as the Wolves head coach.

We know that Rambis and Kahn do have "the big meeting" scheduled. I'd expect the guillotine to come down then, but gently and accompanied by a series of accolades not heard in these parts since Kahn fired Kevin McHale. That's probably one of the reasons it's taken him so long. By nature, Kahn hates firing people.

In the same article, Powers also indicates that sources have told him that one of the candidates to replace Rambis "is from the staff of a team in the recently completed Finals."

If this leads to the return of Dwane Casey, who was credited quite a bit while working as the defensive coordinator of the world champion Dallas Mavericks this season, wouldn't that be ... something?

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.