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Kevin Love Contract: Four Years Or Not, Player Happy To Remain With Timberwolves

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The Minnesota Timberwolves have locked up Kevin Love in a new contract, even if it's only good for four years, with an opt-out clause after the third year, but they've locked him up nonetheless. While the length is a question raised by many, they're not likely to get a straight answer out of Wolves general manager David Kahn, who simply thinks five years is too long:

Kahn said 4-year insistence wasn't about $ or D.P. slot, but 5 yr deal is really 6 years out and "that's a long time." Too much uncertainty

Well, then he thinks six years is too long. Either way, Kahn insisted on four years, and that's what Love ended up agreeing upon. One has to wonder why the opt-out clause is there, though most are of the opinion that Love included it on the chance that he doesn't like the direction the team is going after a few years. That's a valid point given the fact that Love, the team's best player, was only given a four-year deal. It's a big circle.

That being said, Love is happy to be with Minnesota for an extended period of time. The Star Tribune has some quotes from Love, who says he's excited for the coaching staff and really, everyone involved. Love also states that there were many times he thought that a deal wouldn't get done, and considered just playing out his current deal until he became a free agent. Still, he loves where he's at:

"I wanted to be here," he said. "I love Minnesota. I love the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. I love the fans. Everyone who has been around me the last four years know that.

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